Gulf Islands 4-Day


Very cool write-up for this trip here at Everytrails website.  Pictures too!

Pictures!  More Pictures!

Yakima River Paddle


Karl G: “We only had 4 people, but it was a great trip.  The river was very low at about  2000 CFS, but we had no trouble.  We enjoyed full sun in the morning, and full/…

Beginnners Class on Silver Lake


NSSKA taught a beginner's kayaking class offered by Everett Parks & Recreation at Silver Lake. Great weather, great folks.

Pix by Julie Titone and Don Erickson

Spada Lake Paddle


Balmy late afternoon/evening paddle. Little snow in those mountains. The unpaved part of the road, which is pretty potholed, is open early this year. 

Pictures here …

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