Yakima River Paddle


Karl G: “We only had 4 people, but it was a great trip.  The river was very low at about  2000 CFS, but we had no trouble.  We enjoyed full sun in the morning, and full/filtered sun with a breeze in the afternoon, high about 70F.  How was the west side?  Cloudy and 62F?  Saw a nice gopher snake and possible small rattler, deer, and Magpies, Bald Eagles, Osprey.  Sunday we saw big horn sheep from the bike ride.  Wildflowers were not nearly as good as previous years.”

Bill B: “It was a beautiful day on the Yakima River yesterday for four NSSKA paddlers. We saw hundreds of swallows, osprey, magpies, heron, Red-Winged Blackbirds, kingfishers, and many more birds. Deer were eating along the river. The water was low, about 2,000 cfs, and that made for more small rapids and interesting rock dodging than the last time I floated this section in 2013, when the levels were over 7,000 cfs. "It's going to be a very dry summer." Thanks to Karl Guntheroth for leading the trip.”

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