Obstruction Pass


We had a great trip!  September 5-7, 2014.  Rode the Flood from Washington park, to Strawberry Island for lunch.  Crossed over to Peavine pass, and had ice cream at the Blakely island store.  Then on to the WWTA camp at Obstruction pass.  Saturday we paddled up to Clark Island passing thru some challenging tidal rips, and returned to O. pass on nearly flat water, visiting Doe island.  Sunday the ebb didn't give us the boost we expected, but we paddled down the east side of Blakely island to James island, where we waited out the flood, Then crossed back to Washington park.  We enjoyed fine September weather, nearly full moon, light winds.    We visited 4 WWTA sites and all were in good condition, and mostly vacant on this weekend after Labor day.  Lead by Karl Guntheroth, with Katie Level, Kathleen Grimly, and Mike Beeler.  We saw many of the usual wildlife plus porpoises, river otters, seals, phalaropes, herman's gull, sea lemon (chiton), urchins and sea cucumbers.  Most of this route is undeveloped, and there were many good beaches for breaks.  This is a good trip, but requires good planning and favorable conditions to make challenging open water crossings safe. 

Pictures here by Katie Level

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