Gray Whales Paddle

Thank you Jim Haffner for the trip report!

Nine paddlers departed Tulalip Marina on April 6, a mix of clouds and sun to begin, but by the end the sun was dominant. Very placid waters, nary a ripple. Nary a whale neither. We paddled to Langley, where they have a nice public beach tucked behind the marina, and a short walk into town for a nice tour of Langley. In fact, if this is a trip that is done again, or whenever Langley is a destination, I would recommend planning on lunch downtown, or at least an ice cream or truffles. Susan, Chris and Harry can attest to the truffles. Paddlers were Don Erickson, Chris Wood, Daryl Donatelli, Harry Marx, Susan Conrad, Werner, Kaz F., Bill Porter and myself. There was some whale watch activity from a few big boats, and they may have spotted a couple just off the beach at Langley, but I never obtained a reliable view of a whale. I think I did, but not enough to bet on. Personally, I like the launch at Tulalip Marina for the scope of day paddles it offers, and probably even overnights. It cost $5 per boat to launch, but gives you lots of Camano Island, Kayak Point, the Stilly delta, Whidbey, and numerous stops contained at all these places. I will be launching from there again, if only to go back to Langley to see if I can find the binoculars I left on the beach. Who needs and excuse to paddle, though?

Pictures by Harry Marx here.

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