Port Susan Paddle

 Four crazy kayakers braved the winter elements on Port Susan to find 36 degrees F, 10 knot winds out of the South, light drizzle, and 1’ quartering seas on the way out. We paddled out of Cavalero Beach up to Iverson Spit, it was high tide so we tucked into Triangle cove along the way.

We were head into the wind and waves on the way back. For another side trip we went down to the Camano Island Country Club to check out their beach. A kind lady with exquisite taste recognized us as kayakers and had to share a map of the island showing the public access beaches with us. She also mentioned that we were on private property and probably shouldn’t be there. Later Don commented that was the sweetest bum’s rush he’s ever experienced.

With the quartering seas the paddle was slightly more challenging than with calm seas. The bigger challenge was trying to find reason to cheer this year’s Super Bowl.

Pictures by Harry Marx.

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