Burrows and Allan Islands Paddle

It was another of those typical days in Seattle; about 85 degrees and nary a cloud in the sky…

We had 9 NSSKA club members turn out for this 10ish mile paddle around Burrows and Allen Islands. The weather was perfect if not a little on the warm side. We first made our way to the lighthouse on Burrows for lunch and a walk-a-bout. Then we headed south to Allen Island for a bit more rock exploring. On the south end of Allen Island we decided to take a detour out to Williamson Rocks to see the seals and the Marine Sanctuary sign. After a brief stop on the beach of our old buddy Paul’s island we made our way back to Burrows Island with a stop at the State Marine Park and WWTA camp site. I was a bit surprised to see no one camping there.


At the put in that morning we saw off a group from WAKE who were off to James Island and vicinity for the weekend. A fog set in on the channel after they were well on their way. Along our way we saw dolphins, seals, eagles, one otter, cormorants, gulls, pigeon guillemots, oystercatchers, one blood star, some ochre stars, whelks; not a big day for seeing tons of species, and not one jelly. We had an unruly teenager who needed to constantly be put back in his place. We handled that wolf pack style. He was none the wiser for the tactic. J


Another successful outing for the North Sound Sea Kayaking Association. Oh, and the trip leader hit his roll, twice.

Thank you Katie for the pictures!

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