Willamette River Kayak Trip

Flowing through forests, meadows, parks, farms, and cities large and small, our nationally recognized water trail connects communities and visitors to Oregon’s celebrated Willamette Valley. We will be paddling some of the best of the water trail. The country varies from rural to urban, with just a few lightly traveled, rough roads reaching the river. There are breweries, wineries, restaurants, nice State Parks, and more to visit along the route. Along the Willamette you can witness a variety of wildlife. Common birds include Osprey, Bald Eagle, Belted Kingfisher, Turkey Vulture, Spotted Sandpiper, Wood Duck, Merganser, Cedar Waxwings, and more. During the spring and summer you can also witness Goldfinches, Spotted Towhees, Kinglets, Egrets, a variety of Warblers in the riparian areas, and Willow Flycatchers. Common mammals include Black-tailed Deer, Beaver, River Otter, Coyote, and introduced species such as Nutria. Bobcat and Cougar are also sometimes present, though relatively rare along the river corridor. Fishing is good for bass.

We will carpool as much as possible and leave about 1pm on July 31st, drive to Newberg, and spend the night in a motel. The next day we will leave a vehicle at Champoeg State Park and drive to Albany, where we will launch and paddle downstream for five days. Upon retuning to Champoeg State Park by river we will camp for the night and visit the historical site and attend an acoustic concert at the old store. On August 6th we will retrieve the vehicles from Albany, pack up and drive home.

When: July 31st through August 6th

5 days paddling, 75.5 miles

Rating: III-D (River currents up to 3mph)

Trip Leader: Bill Brackin, bbrackin1@comcast.net, 360-691-9436


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