San Juan Island 4-day Weekend Adventure

Join NSSKA for some great paddling on the San Juans! We will car-camp at Smallpox Bay County Park on San Juan Island and do day trips around and about the island. Come for all four days or fewer as your schedule allows. There will be minimal fees to cover camping at and launching from Smallpox Bay.



Suturday - Day 1:

  • Catch the early ferry to San Juan Island and set up camp at the group camp sites.
  • We are required to watch the park’s presentation on protecting the orcas.
  • After the orca presentation we can launch at the beach and paddle with the current towards Lime Kiln County Park and then back to the Smallpox Bay.

Sunday - Day 2

After a proper breakfast we’ll drive to Reuben Tarte County Park to launch at around 11:00am for a circumnavigation of Spieden Island. We will aim to stop for lunch along the way. Total miles will be 10-12. For supper we can make food at camp or consider going to a restaurant.

Monday - Day 3

On Monday we will head to 4th of July Beach to launch and ride the ebb current through Cattle Pass, and then explore the rocks and beaches on the south end of Lopez Island. After a lunch break at Agate Beach County Park we’ll head back through Cattle Pass with the flood and back to 4th of July Beach. Total miles 8-10.

Tuesday - Day 4

We will pack up and leave camp. However, we do not need to leave the island just yet. Those who need to head home can catch the early ferry while the rest of us can head over to Roche Harbor to spend some time paddling around the harbor and adjacent bays. Or, you can walk around Roche Harbor and enjoy some fish ‘n chips. Eventually we will need to drive back to Friday Harbor and get into the ferry line back home. This would be a good time to get ice cream!

Trip Rating:

We will be on open water much of the time with currents and wind waves.

Day 1 - Class III-A

Days 2 & 3 - Class III-B

Day 4 - Class II-A

Tim Hallmark and Sam Magill will be leading this trip.  If you would like to sign up to go or get more information, please contact Tim at or Sam

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