Lumpy Waters

Lumpy Waters takes place in and around Pacific City , Oregon USA .  Northern Oregon coast is EPIC.  With great swell, long roomy surf beaches, massive rocky capes, arches, and caves up and down the coast, this region attracts many rough water paddlers from far and wide.  When you combine those exposed open water venues with some of the tranquil and scenic bays and rivers in the immediate area you get a little something for EVERYONE.  The event headquarters is directly across from the main surf beach which is situated suspiciously near The Pelican Pub.  Pacific City and the rest of the N. Oregon Coast is a classroom like none other.  Whether it’s the thrilling beauty of the coastline or the dynamic thrill of the waves that draws you in…You’ll come for thrills and leave with skills!

October 6th through 8th, 2017.

Check out the website for full details and registration.

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