2017 Salt Creek Weekend

Join NSSKA July 7th - 9th, 2017, for a weekend of paddling and camping at Salt Creek, one of the Olympic Peninsula’s best campgrounds, which just happens to be adjacent to some fantastic paddling areas!

Options include paddling at low tide to see tide pool animals, intro to surf kayaking, launching and landing safely in surf, paddling excursion(s), hiking, hot spring soaking, and more. This is a good trip for those wanting to learn a little about launching and landing in surf. More skilled members will assist less skilled members.

Join us for one day, one night, or two nights. This is a great car camping area. Families are encouraged to come. We will camp for two nights in the same car campsite, so no need to move camp.

NSSKA Trip Rating: I-A through IV-B – Since this is a training weekend, it is open to all levels of ability. Various activities will have different difficulties, and participants can pick and choose. On a calm day most paddlers should feel comfortable paddling here.

E-mail Bill Brackin at bbrackin1@comcast.net to ask questions or to reserve your spot.

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